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Chicago, Illinois

Current specialty: Ruby on Rails design and implementation

I'm an MIT grad software engineer with 15+ years full life-cycle experience, from requirements gathering, design & development to maintenance. I have been working in Ruby since 2008, and I also have used Node JS and JavaScript. Previously I had developed in C, C++ and Java. I also have training, authorship, consulting, and liaison experience.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  B.S. Electrical Eng.  National Merit Scholar.

Harvard University.  Graduate extension school coursework in expert systems, C++, object-oriented programming, and discrete mathematics.

WEB LINKS  – My professional web site.  – Includes recommendations from colleagues.  – Contains several tutorials, coding and design demo projects.  – Displays links to about 1,000 visual artist websites arranged as a rectangular matrix of thumbnail images. The dynamism is implemented in JavaScript.


Highlights of my fifteen+ projects since 2008, all involving Ruby on Rails with a mix of primarily server-side and ancillary technologies plus front-end development. All projects run on a Linux server, and most work was performed on a MacBook Pro workstation.

University of Massachusetts Medical School (Amherst, MA)  2022 – present

·  An ongoing part-time effort to move the "Mytapp" medical study participant messaging application from Heroku to Amazon Web Services (AWS) .

·  I had previously worked on this application when it was sponsored by the University of Illinois.

·  Work performed remotely from my Chicago home office.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 6, Postgres, Git, Gitlab, Heroku, AWS.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (Washington, DC)  2021 – 2022

·  Member of the Operations & Maintenance group of the Digital Innovation and Development (DIDIT) project, which is responsible for multiple Ruby on Rails applications.

·  Perform and deploy regular security & other package ("gem") updates, as well as implement bug fixes and new functionality for several of these apps.

·  Active "Public Trust" federal clearance.

·  Work performed remotely from my Chicago home office.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 6, Postgres, Git, Github, Jira, Jenkins.

Finastra USA Corporation (Austin, TX)  2021

·  Performed various coding and debugging tasks including API coding for a customizable web service for both customer facing and back office account access. This is targeted towards smaller banking institutions which do not have internal resources to develop and manage their own web services.

·  Fully remote temporary assignment.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Git.

Pearson Education (Bloomington, MN)  2020

·  Implemented new features in the Proctorserv app that manages remote test-taker exam sessions.

·  Fully remote temporary assignment.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, MySQL, Git, Bitbucket.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories (Rochester, MN)  2019 – 2020

·  Outlined the architecture for a successor Ruby on Rails app to one that was deemed too flawed for further incremental modification. The architecture was organized around the Strangler Fig pattern of Martin Fowler, which facilitates incremental replacement of existing modules.

·  Implemented new features for another Ruby on Rails app.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 4, MySQL.

Nutrien Ag Solutions (Loveland, CO)  2018 – 2019

·  Assisted with the development of a web portal to integrate the activities of employees and customers of a large agricultural producer and retail vendor in North America and worldwide.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, Node JS, Express, Postgres SQL.

University of Illinois Medical School (Chicago, IL)  2017 – 2018

·  Updated the existing "Mytapp" Ruby on Rails web application deployed on Heroku that allows medical study managers to create and schedule a suite of messages to be emailed to study participants.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, Postgres SQL, Heroku.

Home Access Health Corp. (Hoffman Estates, IL)  2017

·  Provided initial design and implementation of a Ruby on Rails web application that allows health insurance customers to order lab test kits online to be performed at home.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, Amazon Web Services, Single Sign-On.

Pinnacol Assurance (Denver, CO)  2016 – 2017

·  Member of the Online Development group of Colorado's largest issuer of workers' compensation insurance policies.

·  Performed development and bug fixes on a suite of Rails web applications that allows employers and agents to manage policies and claims by injured workers.

·  Temporarily assigned to the Business Support group to investigate and fix issues related to both the Rails and legacy Oracle Pro*C web applications.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 4, Oracle SQL, Git, Rspec, Mac OS X.

Huron Consulting Group (Chicago, IL)  2015

·  Performed development and bug fixes for a legal document management system produced by Huron partner Allegory Law.

·  Worked primarily remotely, interacting with the lead Allegory developer in Oregon.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, Postgres SQL, Git, Paperclip, Vagrant, Resque, Rspec, Jira, Haml, jQuery, JavaScript, Mac OS X. (Chicago, IL)  2014 to 2015

·  Performed analysis, maintenance, and build-out for, a high-volume AWS-hosted multi-server application that provides new and used auto listing search to the public.

·  Worked on-site and remotely as part of a small team located in Chicago and Austin, TX.

·  Documented briefings by departing general manager and others.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, RSpec, ActiveAdmin, Amazon Web Services, Sphinx, Vagrant, New Relic, Mac OS X.

Venture Interactive (Harrisonburg, VA)  2014

·  Designed and implemented a custom authentication scheme for a legal compliance training content management system in multiple languages using the Devise Ruby gem.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, Devise, Linux, RubyMine.

McDavid, Inc. (Woodridge, IL)  2013 to 2014

·  Assumed responsibility for deployment, maintenance, and improvement of the hybrid Rails/Windows Server website of a sports protection equipment manufacturer.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, Capistrano, Refinery, Ubuntu Linux, Windows Server 2008, IIRF.

Sears Holdings Corporation (Chicago, IL)  2012 to 2013

·  Designed and implemented features of a REST API that mediates between product orders placed on partner web sites and internal Sears services which perform fulfillment.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Mongo DB, Git, RSpec, ActiveAdmin, Jenkins, Jira, Mac OS X, Agile Methodology.

Local Offer Network (Chicago, IL)  2012

·  Designed and implemented Bayesian and other statistical modules for automatic categorization of new advertiser offers. Created a test program to analyze performance of the categorizers.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, Mongo DB, MySql, RubyMine, Git, RSpec, Mac OS X.

Aon Hewitt Corp. (Lincolnshire, IL)  2011 to 2012

·  Designed and implemented new Ruby on Rails functionality for extensions to an existing health insurance sales and customer relationship management system and companion public website.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails, Oracle, RubyMine, Subversion, Mac OS X.

Earlier Ruby on Rails Projects    2008 to 2012

·  Aon Hewitt Corp. (Lincolnshire, IL), Argonne National Laboratory (Lemont, IL), (Chicago, IL) and Venture Interactive (Harrisonburg, VA)


·  Digimarc Corporation (Burlington, MA) & Polaroid Corp. (Bedford, MA) Analysis, design and implementation of several drivers license systems. (Java J2EE & C++)

·  Lotus Development Corp.  Sales Engineer - Munich, Germany. Provided support and trainings in German on Lotus Notes for value added resellers and customers.
Principal Software Engineer - Cambridge, MA. C-API development for a database product.

·  M.I.T. Project MAC (Cambridge, MA) MULTICS operating system development including: ARPANET software interface, graphics system, system internals.


·   Competent in German; studied Russian.

·   U.S. Citizen.